Multimodal transport

How about reducing your environmental costs?

High-performance, competitive transport operations with the added bonus of reducing your environmental costs: as the European leader in “alternative” transport solutions, GEODIS Road Transport allows you to benefit from the many advantages offered by multimodal transport. With 4% growth in 2015, its “green” offering is winning over an increasing number of players in the retail and chemical sectors. And there’s a very good reason for this: Road Transport stands out from its competitors by being the only haulier capable of offering expertise in all three existing rail transport solutions: Fercam, piggybacking and combined rail and road. And you benefit directly from this versatility: Road Transport gives you access to the main rail routes in western Europe, allows you to tailor the competitiveness of your transport operations to your financial constraints and optimise environmental costs, with carbon emissions being divided by ten when these modes of transport are combined. To accommodate your multimodal transport requests, Road Transport relies on a team of 80 people who coordinate a fleet of 375 swap bodies and 170 container chassis.