Road Transport cut its workplace accident rate by 30% in 2019. An action plan set up in 2014 is paying off.

Driving, deliveries, handling, chemicals transport, night-time working: occupations in the logistics and transport sector have a high risk of workplace accidents.

Road Transport has stepped up its workplace accident prevention policy since 2014 by rolling out an action plan backed by the executive management and applicable to all the players concerned. These start with the site directors, who have the task of working with the victim and the competent support services to analyse each accident, understand what caused it, and implement the appropriate measures.

This collective approach is paying off: the number of accidents recorded by Road Transport in 2019 was down 30% compared with 2014. And nearly half of its establishments did not report a single one during the year! These excellent results place Road Transport below the usual thresholds in the sector. They lay the groundwork for a longer-term strategy consisting in embedding workplace health and safety at the heart of the company's expertise, to drive performance.

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