Tanker cleaning stations are key components of Road Transport’s expertise, and have been meeting its customers’ exacting quality standards for many years. One such station is the PLC station, located in northern France.

Road Transport has four tanker cleaning stations, strategically located on the premises of major sites within its Specialist Services cluster in France (Chanas, Martigues, Villers-Saint-Paul) and the Netherlands (Lekkerkerk).

The PLC station in Villers-Saint-Paul (northern France) carries out tanker cleaning operations on behalf of its customers. It also offers a wide range of other services including container handling, drum filling, cleaning and recovery of the IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) used in many fields of industry (chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.), and product heating in tanks and containers. And lastly, it stores bulk products in about sixty containers on behalf of a major chemicals industry players also based in Villers-Saint-Paul, to whom it delivers them on demand.

A versatile – and highly vigilant – team​

This sustained and highly diversified activity mobilises a team of ten full-time employees including cleaning operatives, production/handling technicians, a maintenance technician and two management and production assistants, who have all been trained in the risks inherent to their trade.

“These people do a brave and high-quality job that requires them to be extremely vigilant at all times”, station manager Peggy Courtois explains. “They are also our interface with the customers, upholding our expertise and sometimes even offering advice or solutions”.

Being subject to regulations governing hazardous installations, the PLC station is inspected regularly by the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL, Regional Direction for the Environment, Planning and Housing). and has to undergo SQAS certification audits, which it passes with flying colours (at the last audit, in February 2018, it obtained a score of 83%).

The station is also a member of the French Professional Association of Certified Tank Cleaners, Aplica, which sets a number of requirements including procedures for managing wastewater. And lastly, it undergoes very frequent internal audits in the framework of Road Transport’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy. “These constraints and this diversity are what make this vital job such an invaluable link in the logistics chain and part of the top-quality service we offer our customers”.