Last February, Road Transport Finland began conveying shipments between Turkey and Armenia on behalf of a market leader in supplies for public works. All of the subsidiary’s experts are rising to the challenge!

A large Finnish brand specializing in supplies for public works has appointed Road Transport Finland to ship electrical parts and assemblies – most of them out-of-gauge – to the Armenian capital Yerevan, where they will be used to upgrade the city’s public lighting system. Since February – with a few delays on account of the health crisis – the 75 trucks required for this assignment have been making the round trip from customer’s production site in Turkey, to Armenia via … Georgia! The Turkish/Armenian border is closed, requiring drivers to make a detour of several hundred kilometres on the high-altitude roads of the Caucasus mountains, at the same time testing Road Transport’s ability to handle the additional logistics and customs constraints. Some shipments are also being organised from other production sites in Belarus or Finland.

“Our quality of service made all the difference”, sales manager Risto Randell explains. “Our customer already had first-hand knowledge of our expertise having commissioned us in the past for operations in Moldavia and Belarus. Armenia is a more unusual destination for us, but our experience of similar international projects and our ability to mobilise appropriate logistics and human resources convinced our customer that we were the right company for the job.”

A cross-bord​er team!

The Road Transport Finland team, made up of some fifteen people divided between offices in Helsinki and Riga (Latvia), specialises in multi-disciplinary pan-European transport operations between Finland, nearby countries and regions further to the east such as Central Asia (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.), and even Siberia, 7000 km away!

“Road Transport Finland owes its success to its in-depth knowledge of the region and the specialist fields (such as long-distance and out-of-gauge haulage) in which it operates. It is also completely familiar with all the customs formalities”, subsidiary manager Frederic Janik reckons. “Our sales and operational team members speak about ten languages between them and have enlisted best-in-class European partners to meet the needs of our customers – which are all different!”