Juliette, a driver based at Road Transport Strasbourg, takes photos of trucks while out on her rounds. A way for her to combine both of her passions.

Juliette, aged 25, knew at an early age that she wanted to pursue a career as a truck driver. "I obtained my Certificate of Vocational Proficiency [BEP] in truck driving and haulage services, and then another one in transport and logistics. After my first job working for a humanitarian and solidarity association, I was hired via my local employment agency as a driver based at Road Transport in Strasbourg", she explains. At that time, she was just twenty years old.

Determined and motivated, Juliette soon confirmed her love of being out on the roads and admiring the constantly changing landscapes, atmospheres and lighting. She had developed a passion for photography as a child from her father, who taught her all the little tricks – looking for the best angle, capturing the best light, playing with shadows, etc. – that turn a simple photo into an atmospheric artistic creation.

As a teenager she got into “Urbexˮ (or “urban exploration" for the uninitiated). Clambering over walls and fences, she would venture into abandoned ruins such as dilapidated houses, disused factories and old cars in isolated places in order to document their unique atmospheres photographically.


Juliette's passion for photography is still as strong as ever. Stowed carefully in the cab of her 38-tonne truck, her Canon is still her faithful travelling companion. Now assigned to evening rounds, she delights in the changing landscapes of the Alsace hills and the Rhine valley as the light fades away. "I pull out my camera during my breaks. I always stop at the same motorway service stations, but they never look the same twice. The lighting changes the scenery depending on the weather, and inspires me to look for different angles and effects".

Juliette has built up an impressive collection of shots of tractor-trailer combinations, which she shares with her friends and colleagues on social media. "Taking photos brightens up my work and my life", the young woman explains; "it puts a new perspective on my daily routine". Anyone interested can take a look at her perspective on Facebook (Naturallion) or Instagram (Naturallionurbex).

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