Tying in with its goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, the GEODIS Group has joined forces with the EVE programme "Voluntary Commitments for the Environment – Transport and Logistics" instigated by Ademe (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency). In this context Road Transport is involved in its Evcom initiative, dedicated to freight forwarders.

GEODIS has been committed to improving its carbon footprint since 2008 and has joined EVE, the collective initiative aiming to improve air quality launched by Ademe on 19 September. All the players in the goods transport chain, from customers to transport partners, are involved alongside the GEODIS teams.

Road Transport is driving GEODIS' operational commitment to the initiative by getting involved in Evcom, the programme component dedicated specifically to freight forwarders.

"Our first line of work concerns the way we collaborate with our customers", explains Coralie Guglielmetti, Road Transport's Quality, Safety, Security, Health and Environment Director, who is in charge of rolling out the programme in France. "Three years from now we hope to be able to systematically propose alternative solutions such as rail transport and NGV vehicles, as well as solutions for optimising carbon emissions, in 50% of our responses to calls for tenders from Key Accounts".

Significant efforts will also be made to reach out to Road Transport's drivers (who will receive fuel efficiency coaching), partners and customers to raise their awareness of the initiative and of the exactint environmental standards the Group applies in selecting and maintaining its vehicles.