Road Transport’s Chelles Francilienne establishment has acquired a French-designed 100% electric terminal tractor. From the customer to the drivers to the logistics team, everyone approves!

The Blyyd electric terminal tractor, developed by a Lyon-based start-up, came into service at the end of February at the “eco-logistics” hub in the Greater Paris area operated by a home improvement retailer, where it will be used for daily handling operations overseen by Road Transport’s Chelles Francilienne teams.

“With a towing capacity of up to 44 tonnes, the Blyyd’s capabilities are comparable to those of a tractor with a diesel combustion engine while adapting to the working patterns of its operators”, explains Christian Bertholier, transport equipment purchasing manager. With good reason: while the operators take their statutory breaks, the Blyyd recharges its battery too! It is easy to handle, light, low-noise and compact, and its cabin is close to the ground making handling operations easier and safer. One particular feature: “It doesn’t go any faster than 20 km/h, but it doesn’t matter because that’s the speed limit in force at the facility”. After two months in operation, the satisfaction is tangible “for both our customer and our drivers”, says a delighted Jennifer Gauvin, Director of Road Transport Chelles Francilienne.

A fine opportunity

“The acquisition of a Blyyd terminal tractor is an unprecedented opportunity for Road Transport, which we have seized in order to uphold our service quality and our ability to respond effectively to our customers’ expectations”, Key Account Manager Bruno Iannucci notes. “This investment is fully in line with our sustainable development approach and strengthens our business links with our customer.”