Since June, Road Transport Germany has been using multimodal solutions for all its deliveries of chemicals between Hamburg and Leuna. A response provided by the subsidiary to the high expectations of its customers in terms of safety and the environment.

Chemicals transport business in Germany underwent some major developments in 2019. In continuation, the subsidiary implemented systematic use of multimodal (truck and rail) for all the shuttle services between Hamburg and Leuna, previously carried out 100% by road.

This new working method was accompanied by the development of new tank containers in line with the requirements of our customers. "These special containers are the fruit of several months of consultations and engineering work involving Road Transport Germany, the rail freight subcontractors and the end customers," Road Transport Germany Director Dirk Jesske explains. The outcome is a high-tech solution combining better safety for the crews and solid environmental credentials. "Safety and environmental protection are two key concerns for our customers, as well as being areas of focus for the GEODIS Group".

Services in 2019 consist in shipping 9000 tonnes of hazardous substances (sulfuric acid…). Volumes set to grow in the coming years.