Auditing firm Ernst & Young has certified Road Transport’s CSR report for the second year running.

Each year the GEODIS Group draws up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report on the basis of the information transmitted by each of its entities. Which include Road Transport. This task calls on the support service departments (Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment, and Human Resources) as well as the Road Transport entities selected to open their doors to the auditors from Ernst & Young.

To draw up this report, a large number of criteria are assessed. In terms of QSE aspects these concern CO2 emissions, composition of the Euro-compliant vehicle fleet, quality and safety certifications in place, quantities of waste generated, etc. And as regards labour aspects they include the composition of the workforce and data on workplace accidents.

“Having our CSR report certified is not an end in itself”, QHSE Director Coralie Guglielmetti explains. “It is valuable because it proves Road Transport’s strong commitment to QHSE issues, fulfilling the long-standing expectations of our main customers. For Road Transport it is a further measure of our integrity and reliability.”