The 52nd Annual Meeting of the European Petrochemicals Association (EPCA) will be held in Vienna (Austria) from 7 to 10 October 2018. This will be an opportunity for GEODIS to promote its transport solutions geared towards the petrochemical market.

Every year, GEODIS Road Transport participates in this event that players from the chemical industry cannot afford to miss, featuring a host of seminars and round tables involving sector professionals from the whole of Europe. “The EPCA’s meeting is an opportunity for us to share our strategic vision and our investment projects concerning the hazardous materials sector. The different facets of GEODIS as a logistics specialist and haulier are well known. This event allows us to showcase ourselves as a specialist operating alongside key industry players. We meet our existing customers there, and also build new partnerships”, explains Chemicals Key Account Manager Cyril Roux, who will represent GEODIS Road Transport.

Safety first and foremost​

With one of the largest fleets in Europe (France, Italy, Benelux, Germany, etc.) assigned to transporting bulk and packaged chemical and petrochemical products, GEODIS will use this year’s meeting to showcase the recognised performance of its solutions from the safety point of view. “Beyond an efficient service, ensuring safety during transport remains our customers’ main concern. This stringent requirement is mainly related to the hazardous nature of the goods transported and also covers safety for drivers and the environment”, points out Cyril Roux, who hopes to meet you in Vienna from 7 to 10 October to discuss these topics and others in greater detail.

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