The haulier has rolled out a new rail/road solution between France and Spain. Each year 11,500 trucks will be taken off the roads and transported by rail on a line stretching for 1100 km.

Since February, Road Transport has been offering companies in sectors including mass retail, automaking and industrial manufacture a new multimodal long-distance freight transport service. Taking the place of trucks, five or six trains will run between Hendaye (on the Franco-Spanish border) and Metz (on the Franco-German border) each week to facilitate imports and exports between Spain or Portugal and Northern France, Germany, Benelux and Eastern Europe.

This new “door-to-door” service will be backed up locally by road transport for the final kilometres to Northern Europe or the Iberian peninsula. It will also include cross-docking at the GEODIS warehouses at each end of the railway line.

“With a shortage of truck drivers and given the congestion on the roads, this new service will have a real impact on the carbon footprint of freight transport between France and Spain by significantly reducing CO2 emissions per tonne transported,” says Julio Osle, head of Road Transport’s FTL Network cluster.

With guaranteed journey times similar to those of transport by road, the multimodal solution comes at a reasonable and stable cost, “by eliminating certain factors such as diesel price increases, fluctuations due to the seasonal nature of HGV transport and the cost of the return trips, which often have an impact on transport by truck.” 

A freight tracking and management system has also been set up to allow customers to learn the location of their shipment in real time. GEODIS also ensures its customers guaranteed service by offering alternative transport by road with the help of 3,800 vehicles from the GEODIS fleet or from its transport partners in the event of an incident.