The website has been completely redesigned, with the two-fold aim of promoting all the services offered by GEODIS and making them easier to access. It went on-line in November.

In addition to having a stylish, intuitive and innovative design the new GEODIS website offers each visitor a customised experience, taking them easily to the information or service they are looking for.

Intuitive searching, fast access to digital tools, presentations of expertise and services in line with customers’ needs, and the option of creating a personal account are just some of the new features available on this new portal, which aims to act as a real “companion” to its users’ projects.

The GEODIS website is available in twelve languages, including Turkish and Mandarin Chinese, and also offers feature articles written by experts. Users can obtain personalised information tailored to their needs and the country from which they are logging in each time they visit, if they wish to do so. And lastly, the website includes a user-friendly Careers section introducing the career opportunities available at GEODIS and providing an easy means of submitting applications for current vacancies.

The GEODIS offer and tools are now available in one click!”, Road Transport communication manager Marie-Lise Marchais points out. An experience to discover right now on