Transporting hazardous materials is a highly-skilled job that involves additional responsibilities in terms of safety and environment. At Road Transport, every detail counts!

Transporting chemicals requires thorough expertise. In configuring and securing the operations, the haulier must consider the density of the products in order to choose the appropriate container. This calculation is all the more complex for tankers with multiple compartments. He must also check that the ancillary equipment items, such as the hoses used to deliver the product at the customer’s premises, are reliable. Are they perfectly watertight? Can they withstand the pressure? Are they compatible with other materials? Etc.

Regulatory and safety constraints

Traffic restrictions apply to all road vehicles, but those transporting hazardous materials have some additional constraints to comply with! For example, parking is regulated and even prohibited in certain areas, and trucks may not be allowed to use tunnels, particularly at weekends… Labelling must also comply with strict regulations, in terms both of content and positioning on the tanker. Lastly, environmental regulations are applicable to washing operations (waste management, prior authorisation, etc.).

Hauliers who transport chemicals must think of everything! At Road Transport, our operational teams obviously complete the mandatory training. Maximum precautions must be taken during the different loading and delivery stages, such as opening/closing valves, operating pumps or compressors, and wearing personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses, etc.).

Road Transport employees assigned to chemicals transport operations are genuine experts who are passionate about their job, know all about the technical, statutory and safety aspects and are available 24/7!