From grandfather to father to son, Gérard, Frédéric and Hugo Estève share the same vocation: they are drivers. All three are employees of GEODIS or have been… The story begins in 1982.

When he first started working, Gérard Estève developed a passion for driving while collecting milk from farms. In 1982, at the age of 38, he joined Giraud as an experienced driver. He delivered for a local food retailer right up to when he retired in the early 2000s. Since then, the small distribution society grew up, and Giraud has been bought out by... GEODIS!

In September 1992, his son Frédéric was twenty. Sharing his father’s love for driving, he followed in his footsteps. “Twenty-six years later I’m still working at Road Transport”, he says. “I work on a shared-shift basis, with one driver in the morning and another in the afternoon, in the same truck. We cover about 400 km per day… or night! Since I’m one of the longest-standing team members it’s also my role to train and supervise the younger ones.” Frédéric feels strongly about respecting and maintaining the vehicles he drives: for him they are more than just tools for the job.

In September 2018 a new driver called Hugo Estève joined Road Transport. He had achieved an excellent grade in his Baccalauréat and been named French student drivers champion, and was just twenty years old! “Even as a kid I loved jumping in to my dad’s truck, and dreamed of doing the same job as him one day. With this job you spend the whole time travelling!” Hugo says. The new recruit has been allocated a latest-generation tractor, which he drives on a single-shift basis, and a brand-new semi-trailer. In Estève family, passion is transmitted from father to son.

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