Public Road Transport

Since the end of September, the Road Transport network has ten of its own tractor-trailer units. These are a new asset which will assist its public road transport shippers, particularly in the Construction and Engineering industry.

Each unit measures 120m3 and has a 38-pallet capacity1, a 28.5-tonne payload, 2.90m of internal height which can be elevated to 3.40m and aluminium flooring. Ten ‘king size’ conjoined units, in GEODIS colours, have joined the Road Transport network fleet. The decision was taken following discussions with certain shippers, particularly within the Construction and Engineering industry, and then a feasibility study: “By integrating these new resources, we are giving ourselves a further option to better meet the needs of our public transport customers, while maximising our loading capacity for high volume, low bulk consignments”, explains Sylvain Perrin, Director of the FTL (full-truck load) division of Road Transport.

Additional Flexibility

The streams already operating with these ‘king size’ resources (for customers in the Construction and Engineering or Glass Packaging industries) have confirmed the interest in this solution. “The modular nature of these units, with a raiseable roof and the option to uncouple the trailer for deliveries in urban areas, offers additional flexibility”, indicates Sylvain Perrin. The tractor-trailers will be linked to the Villefranche-sur-Saône site and will operate over a wide area running from Southern Paris to Provence, passing through the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions. In an environment marked by a certain lack of confidence in the national market towards sub-contracting, with this investment Road Transport is providing fresh proof of its desire to maintain and strengthen its production capability in its own fleet.