LNG Fleet
LNG Fleet

The Road Transport site in Madrid puts into circulation its first tractors rolling on LNG: It is a solution for the future at a time when large European cities are implementing transport restrictions on diesel.


Since early march, Road Transport customers in Spain have been able to rely on a new asset: a fleet of 12 brand-new 400hp Iveco Stralis tractor units with a 1500km range. What sets them apart? They run on LNG (liquified natural gas) and are therefore not affected by access restrictions implemented by the city councils to preserve air quality. “These vehicles will be operated by the Madrid site and will make regular journeys between the Madrid conurbation and that of Barcelona”, explains Jesus Lalana, Technical Manager at Road Transport Spain. The transport plan was constructed with a group of customers - four in each direction of traffic - who are committed on loading volumes over the next few years.

Return on Investment
After a few weeks in operation, the model is providing complete satisfaction. It is bound to develop in the future: “The LNG tractor units have improved immensely in power and range”, stresses Jesus Lalana. “The network of stations is also beginning to expand on the main routes across Spain.” The purchase and maintenance costs of the vehicles, whilst high, are offset by the price of LNG at the pump, which is very attractive in comparison to that of diesel: “The investment will have paid for itself in five years”, indicates the Technical Manager.

Thanks to its recognized experience in France in the deployment of CNG (compressed natural gas) fleets, specifically for large-scale retailers, Road Transport confirms with this first achievement in Spain its desire to support shippers towards cleaner transportation. Compared to diesel fuel, natural gas allows a 70% reduction in NOx emissions, and almost 100% for particulate emissions.


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