For more than a decade, the GEODIS Group has been rolling out a corporate social responsibility approach aiming to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2030. Through this initiative, shared by many players in the world of transport, an entire sector is reassessing its approach to transport and logistics: diversifying the modes of transport used for long-haul operations, concentrating volumes, switching to alternative fuel sources, etc. “Making transport clean requires building an ecosystem around this common goal. Everyone in this ecosystem assumes his or her share of responsibility and, in a context in which externalities are included in the value chain and where regulations are standardized, logistical actors will play their full part”, says Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of GEODIS, in her article entitled Toward a decarbonized future published on 4 June 2018. For Geodis, this approach has already taken the form of initiatives that have resulted in the group being ranked among the world’s top 12% companies in terms of environmental management by international organisation CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project). Read her column here.