GEODIS IT has designed the new supplies management tool for some of the activities at the PSA Sochaux site. Successful teamwork blending superior listening skills and specialist expertise made all the difference!

One vehicle per minute! This is the production rate of the PSA line that builds the 308, 3008 and 5008 models at the Sochaux site. For three years, GEODIS had been delivering five sub-assemblies specifically for this assembly line, based on two IT solutions conceived by the Group and working in interaction with each other. In 2019, with the aim of improving its service quality, GEODIS Contract Logistics made the choice to develop new functions and concentrate them within a single solution, WMS Optilog. These functions comprise schedule management, calculation of requirements over 24-week periods, supply proposal approval scheduling, order and delivery matching, and assistance with transport organisation.

“Our teams have re-designed Optilog using their excellent knowledge of the automobile industry business lines and the changes at play in the sector”, comments Alain Deschomets, head of the IT team at the ASSC. “Active participation from key users and regular assessments in Agile mode have produced a reliable and user-friendly solution, tailored to the requirements of the GEODIS Control Tower”.

100% success rate

This new digital tool is named TOCO, a shortened form of the French for “Control Tower”. With much greater power and far greater calculation precision than its predecessor, it is capable of managing the daily supplies of nearly five hundred items, originating from around one hundred suppliers. With TOCO, the service quality level of the assembly chain is nearly 100%, so the customer is … 100% satisfied!

TOCO on the web

On the GEODIS YouTube channel, the Road Transport communication department has just released a video presenting TOCO. Watch it here.