The Zenith on-board computer used by Road Transport as a TMS, is now linked to the EcoTransIT reference platform, and provides increasingly accurate tracking of the CO2 emissions generated by our transport operations.

Since this summer, the Zenith TMS has been able to calculate the CO2 emissions of all Road Transport operations as accurately as possible. “Our on-board computer already did this directly, including approach distances,” explains Coralie Guglielmetti, QHSE Director. “But the fact that it now connects to the EcoTransIT World platform, means that it can benefit from input data calculations that it did not have access to before, such as average consumption values, and especially for subcontracted transport operations.” Zenith automatically loads this information in EcoTransIT as soon as the operator validates the pairing.

Kilometres travelled tracked by GPS points

This development is the result of the joint work of the IT departments of the Group and Road Transport, and doubles up the reliability of our distance calculation method: in the past it was based on post codes, with the associated margin of error; it now uses the GPS coordinates of the loading and delivery points. Tracking is much more accurate on arrival: “We no longer talk about tonnes of CO2 emitted for each customer, but grammes of CO2 emitted per tonne/kilometre (amount of CO2 emitted to transport 1 tonne for 1 km), which is much more useful for both our customers and for benchmarking us against competitors,” the QHSE Director explains. These advances will – in the next step – provide detailed reporting of emissions by shipper, by period, and by delivery point, all of which is valuable data that Road Transport will analyse to further reduce the carbon footprint of its activities... and that of its customers!