Transport activities are still decreasing in Europe with the stronger confinement measures put in place in certain countries like Spain this week, factories that are still closed and an overall decrease in consumption. For example, the beverages season has not started yet due to less demand from consumers and distributors. The food retail, medical supplies and packaging sectors are still high.

We are however seeing a shift of production from Western Europe to Eastern Europe with our some of customers transferring their production from western factories to eastern sites: our sites in Eastern Europe are in capacity to support our customers organizational changes and put in place the according transport flows.

Some of our sites in France and the Netherlands are also providing new services for products in direct link with the crisis like alcohol transportation for the production of hydroalcoholic solutions.

All your usual commercial contacts are available to put in place spot transportation services and establish new transport plans for your activities.

If you need Spot transportation, please contact your usual contact who will rapidly set up the solutions you need.





Long-haul activity :

Country situation : Traffic for any kind of goods, for any type of transport remains authorized for the whole territory, for import as well as export. Customs offices remain open.

Employees : Majority of our employees are working remotely. Customs offices are open.

Activity and solutions : Our means are mobilized for retail food experiencing an increasing activity, providing vehicles, implementing double work situation and in some cases, in temporarily storing products on platforms. Construction sector is progressively restarting. Industry is still globally at a stop except in niche markets.


Eastern Countries activity :

Country situation : Customs activity is working, despite a decreasing number of opening days.

Employees : Reduction number of on-site employees.

Activities : Villeneuve site is operational. Mulhouse site is off.

Solutions : We propose Spot traffic solutions. Operational dock in Roissy for medical transport. We receive charters from China and redistribute goods.


Local Network activity :

Activities : Warehouses are working. Our activities related to paper and press are stable. We have put in place specific social distancing measures in our warehouses to protect our employees on site.

Solutions : We propose Spot traffic solutions.


Spain, Portugal

Situation pays :  Boarders are closed for people, open for goods transportation.

Employés : The great majority of our office employee are remote working, except in our workshops. Drivers are not concerned with  confinement or quarantine measures.

Activités : Transport activity reduced at minimum level du to more closures of factories in Europe. 

Solutions : GEOFRET train is in operations between Hendaye and Metz



Country situation : Total confinement of the country, quarantine measures for inhabitants except to go to work when remote working is not possible. The epidemic is starting to stabilize but the confinement measures will be prolonged till 15th of April.

Employees : Most of our employees are working remotely, except drivers. Employees protection measures are reinforced and we have no employees infected. Police controls the number of people at work in offices and checks they are not too many.

Activities : FTL flows  are decreasing with the closure of factories in Europe. Chemicals activity is also being affected because raw materials to these factories cannot be delivered. All our sites are open. All international multimodal flows are working (Parisian area-Italy). Transalpine highway is also open.

Owner-operators are available for long-haul. Borders are still taking a long time to cross and administrative problems are arising considering the difficulty to obtain necessary paperwork.

Logistics activities are working. Cross-dock platforms in Turin and Milan are open. Drivers are 100% working and essentially deliver hospitals in oxygen.

Solutions : We propose Spot traffic solutions. Own fleet, owner-operators and multimodal are mobilized.



Country situation : Borders are closed with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland and Denmark, except for transport of goods. Different situations with cross-border workers and quarantine regulations for trucks drivers. Automotive industry has extend the shutdown of the production by two weeks until 17.04.2020.

Employees : Majority of employees are working remotely. Since 23.03. nearly the whole public life is locked down by the government for minimum two weeks. Extension of the lock down is expected. Schools, kindergardens and retail trade is closed until 19.04. in all federal states.


Long Haul : Drop in volumes towards France in automotive and industrial goods. Increasing volumes for paper, food, medicals and other sectors.

Specialties : Drop in volumes for liquid gas for industrial production, increasing volumes for health gas; chemical products transportation remains stable.

Solutions : Our FTL fleet with XL-Code trailers is available for domestic or international transportation. Contact for FTL transports:


The Netherlands

Country situation : The country is not in a total confinement situation. Schools, bars, restaurants are closed. Festivals and sport events are cancelled, social distance measures are in force (max 3 people together)

Employees : Most of our employees are working remotely.

Activities : Chemicals activities are slight going down and produced with our own means. Beer exportations are going down.

Solutions : We propose transportation capacity for other local activities


United Kingdom

Country situation : distancing applies to trucks boarding on ferries to reduce number of passengers. Embarking takes up to 3-4 jours instead of 1hour normally but it is starting to decrease due to reduction of volumes towards the UK

Activities  : We have transport capacities available for both ways to and from the UK


Czech republic

Country situation :  Emergency situation extended to 11.4. (free movement prohibited, schools, shops and offices closed)

Employees - All GEODIS Czech Republic staff healthy, without sick leave, 65% working from home, 25% working on site, 10% holiday or child care

Activities - Operations secured with transfer of some of our customers activities from France to Czech Republic, warehouse in operation, we are in capacity to increase our volumes with some customers for exports since movement of cargo is authorized.



Country situation: Confinement measures implemented (except travelling to and from work, volunteering to fight COVID-19, dealing with matters necessary for everyday life) Shops and services are closed.  

Employees: most employees work in home office mode except at the warehouses                 

Activities: Road Transport activities are very low

Solutions: We can implement spot transport services



Country situation : Boarders are closed, except for goods transportation. Important economic measures have been announced to support companies (financial help, measures to avoid lay-offs, postponement of taxes).

Employees : A great majority of employees are working remotely, except in the warehouse.

Activities : Road Transport activities are strongly impacted. We are adapting our operations (holidays for employees, children care holidays)



Country situation : Borders are not closed but travelers are concerned with quarantine measures.

Employees : Most of our employees are working remotely, except in warehouses and customs offices. Quarantine measures for drivers coming back from Spain and Italy are lifted.

Activities : Domestic transportation is operational, international transport is decreasing in relation with factory closures

Solutions : We propose Spot traffic solutions (food, medical material, etc.)



Country situation : All international passenger transportation is stopped, but goods move freely.

Employees : Most of our employees are working remotely.



Country situation : Government is working on measures to support. Restriction of flows from countries affected by the outbreak for partial unemployment.

Employees : Office workers are working remotely, or on rotation system, activity by activity.

Activities : Warehouses are working. Reinforced protection measures: temperature control, gloves, hydroalcoholic solution, reinforced cleaning, masks for drivers and UV lams to disinfect documents. Transport flows are working normally as well. Quarantine measures for drivers coming back from risk area are lifted, controls at borders are preferred.



Country situation : Boarders are closed since 19/03, the country is in confinement situation.



Country situation : The only European country not to be in confinement situation.

For all other countries, no particular updates.


We will continue to provide regular updates of the situation of countries we operate in.




In France, Distribution & Express is adapting its operations on a daily basis, in order to offer the best business continuity possible to its customers. This adaptation allows D&E to handle the priority flows (such as health, hygiene, food and police equipment) as well as its traditional traffic (B2B, delivery to individuals, hazardous goods). To do this, some amendments have been made on our usual service offering, for example we have temporarily suspended Saturday morning deliveries, the twice per day deliveries, the pick-up and drop-off in our depots for individuals, the contractual guarantees of our delivery times and the consignees pre-notifications.
The absolute necessity is for our customers to verify, before dispatch that their recipients are able to receive their goods. We have also modified our methods of signing, in order to protect our drivers: implementation of a “contactless delivery” procedure, to avoid contact and in compliance with barrier and distance measures. On this subject, we inform you that we have provided our employees and in particular our drivers, with masks, individual soap and hydroalcoholic gel.
Freight Forwarding activities continue to operate adequately throughout Europe. As the GEODIS workforce is transitioning to a remote working environment in different European countries, CCL (Cargo Container Lines) Original Bills of Lading, as well as import and export shipments may not be handled as promptly as expected in most of our European branches. We recommend that you use Express CCL or ask your suppliers at origin to Telex Release the documents through a  GEODIS office at origin.

Please rest assured that we will keep you updated of any changes to the current situation. Should you have any concern and/or queries, please feel free to contact your GEODIS Local Representative.